Cellular Rhythms in Regression - a new paradigm to healing and integration

There is an innate rhythm within our body, its cells and with the environment around us. I have been working on this concept of our cellular rhythm for a while now. I have recently presented this concept at
World Congress for Regression Therapy 5, Portugal

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Upcoming Workshop
Date Course Location
22nd to 26th May 2024 Fundamentals of Regression Therapy Mumbai
5th to 9th June 2024 ICTTP - Module 6 Mumbai
5th to 9th July 2024 Fundamentals of Regression Therapy Banglore
17th to 21st July 2024 TASSO MODULE 1 Mumbai
25th to 29th September 2024 TASSO MODULE 2 Mumbai
23rd to 27th October 2024 TASSO MODULE 3 Mumbai
14th to 18th November 2024 TASSO MODULE 4 Mumbai
22nd to 26th January 2025 TASSO MODULE 5 Mumbai
23rd to 27th February 2025 TASSO MODULE 6 Mumbai
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